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FIV……are you familiar with it?

FIV  (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) is a viral infection that affects cats. It causes affected animals to have a weaker immune system in comparison to non-FIV cats. In infected cats FIV attacks the immune system leaving the cat vulnerable to other infections. The virus can be slow acting, cats with FIV can maintain a strong immune system for many years often all their lives.

Though there is no cure for FIV, recent studies suggest that cats with FIV commonly live average life spans. Good nutrition is important for FIV cats and it is especially necessary for FIV positive cats to be kept indoors, where their immune systems will be less exposed.

The primary mode of transmission for FIV is through bite wounds from an infected cat. Casual non-aggressive contact such as sharing water bowls or mutual grooming does not appear to be a route of spreading the virus. As a result cats in households with stable social structures where housemates do not fight are at little risk of acquiring FIV infections. This virus only affects cats and cannot be passed to other species, neither animal or human.

FIV positive cats can have and deserve to have a long and healthy life. Like all cats they need careful attention to their general health and diet, but this is no more than any cat should receive.

Now that we have covered some important information about FIV, we would like to introduce you to Jack!

This little man is a charmer. Jack came to us as a stray and his white belly and legs were terribly stained from living outside. We don’t know much about his start to life, but it appears it wasn’t easy for this 3 year old guy. He most likely contracted FIV defending himself or fighting for a meal.

This sweet boy enjoys rubbing all over your legs, will do anything for treats and loves telling you his stories. Jack occasionally bites but he doesn’t seem to want to hurt you, it appears he is just lacking proper mannerisms around people. He will need a cat savvy person that can help him learn better manners and what having a human of his own is all about. If you could be the one he is waiting for, contact us! He would love to meet you.