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Meet Buddy, 

Buddy came to as a stray cat.  He was not very social and was very frightened of people. He would hide as far away from you as he could get and would hiss and lay his ears back if you approached him. 6 months later you would never believe he is the same cat. Buddy has become a very friendly and relaxed guy! He is now the first to come up for love and attention, he enjoys all the pets and scratches and has even purred on occasion…..he is quite the social boy now! 

Buddy also possesses an amazing skill…. he helps other feral cats trust humans! He shows them us humans aren’t that bad. He bonds with the other feral cats and somehow manages to calm them down; he shows them affection, teaches them to play and always stays close beside them to comfort them!

 It has been an absolute pleasure to see this beautiful boy change into such a gentle soul and to see him help the others in such an amazing and loving way. Buddy is a valued team member here at C.A.R.E.S. and we can’t wait to see what he has to teach us next!