Cat Rescue, Shelter and Find home for Stray and Abandoned Cats

About Us

Basic CMYKCanadian Animal Rescue and Extended Shelter (C.A.R.E.S) was formed in 1993 when a group of animal lovers wanted a shelter for animals that were homeless. We provide shelter for stray, abandoned and unwanted cats in a safe, loving, cage free environment. There is a no kill policy at C.A.R.E.S., therefore, any animals that are not adopted will be able to live the rest of their natural lives at the shelter.

​​In February of 1998, C.A.R.E.S. began an alliance with PetSmart in Langley. Cats that are rescued, receive quality food, shelter and veterinary care and many of those cats are then taken to the PetSmart adoption center in the Langley store.

Donna Healey-Ogden -President Bella 3

Board of Directors:

  • Carol Briner, President, Fundraising Chair & Shelter Liaison
  • Donna Healey-Ogden, Vice President, Membership Secretary & Adult Foster Co-ordinator
  • Tara White, Director of Communications
  • Lynn Hewitt, Secretary
  • Marion Reid, Adoptions Co-ordinator
  • Marian Haney, Adoptions & Intake Co-ordinator and Kitten Foster Co-ordinator
  • Clive Ellis, Public Relations Director
  • Chris Briner, Maintenance Director
  • Chris Kasdorf, Maintenance Director
  • Lisa MacDonald, Director
  • Cynthia Kereluk, Director