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Happy Tails

 Gizmo 2

 Gizmo 1GIZMO

My mom adopted a cat from C.A.R.E.S. Canadian Animal Rescue and Extended Shelter last weekend. Gizmo is very happy in his new home. – Kimiko T.


JACK Jack Update

From Stephanie: “I adopted Jack from C.A.R.E.S.  just under 2 years ago when he was just a wee kitten….now he thinks he’s a human and sits around watching TV like a typical teenager!”



Iggy 2

Sometimes we receive sad messages at the shelter from people who no longer want their animals, animals in distress or trouble or sometimes worse. But sometimes we receive wonderful messages too. This is one of them!

A lady named Melisa contacted C.A.R.E.S. through Facebook about a cat named Iggy. She had been feeding Iggy for sometime as Iggy would come to her house frequently to visit her own cat (who has now passed) and to look for food. Iggy was in rough shape – his fur was matted and covered with feces, rotten teeth and in generally rough shape. Poor Melisa tried to bathe him herself which turned out to be not sure a good idea!

Melisa and her daughter were going to be moving and they didn’t want to leave Iggy behind and were looking for some advice on how to transition Iggy to an indoor cat so he was able to go with them. C.A.R.E.S. was able to assist her and Iggy by getting him up to date with his shots, a dental scaling and a snazzy new hair cut (not sure if Iggy agrees that it is so snazzy!)

Iggy 1These photos are of Iggy now – happy in his new home, with his new Mom and even a human sister that he loves to cuddle with! We received a lovely note from Melisa to thank us and to let us know that Iggy is doing well! He has not wanted to go outside lately but she is sure it is because he is embarrassed with his new do!

We would like to thank Melisa for giving Iggy a second chance at a forever home.Iggy Selfie

October 8, 2014: How cute is this? Melisa sent us a wonderful update from Iggy and apparently he has learned how to take “selfies”!

“Iggy is loving his home, he spent the summer chasing grasshoppers around our little yard. Somehow he even took a pic of himself on my phone..hilarious”




We received this beautiful update from Minou’s family:
“Hello Everyone at Cares – and a special hello to Lauralee,

We just wanted to let you know Minou is doing very well.

She has made a very easy transition into her new home. The only issue we have….it’s no issue for Minou….she thinks she owns the place LOL. As you can see, Minou is basking in a little morning sun today 

Thank you again for giving us such a wonderful gift

Jacqueline Ponsart & Vern Olsen



Roo 3So happy for little Roo! We received a wonderful update:

Roo is very happy in her new home! She has made friends with the dog and she just loves tuna, cheese, chicken & turkey.
Roo has several windowsills to watch the birds and squirrels from. She loves her cardboard box, purple fluffy bed and blankets.
We can always find her in the most comfy place in the house as you can see by the pictures.
She has taken over my old cat’s toy collection and made it her own. Roo Roo 1has lots of room to run thru the house at top speed, back and forth. Friends have dropped by with welcome gifts for her including a little plush pink flamingo stuffed with catnip – she insists on carrying it up to her water dish and wetting it’s feet. Good thing it’s a wading bird!

thanks so much for your help